Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm a new member :D

Hey everyone!

I already know some of you but I just thought I'd say thanks for letting me join the group and that I can't wait to get out and be active in the group O: !

If you're in the Aurora area ( like I am well.. Centennial.. -ish. ) There is an arts and crafts "fair" going down at Carino's Coffee on Smoky Hill Rd. and Picadilly-this- Saturday the 14th. I scored a free booth and its open until 8am-noon. stop by if you're close! would love to meet you!!!


Just Picked Vintage said...

Free booth - what a great score! We're up in Westminster, so Cenntenial is a bit of a haul for us. Good luck and let us all know how it goes.

CagedBirdSings said...

It went okay.. nothing too great. I sold 3 items in the last 2 minutes of the show... so that was a bit of a funny happening. There is another show in Black Forest ( up by Monument ) that I'll be going to on.. August 18th. Its only $15! Might be worth the trip for you! :) Though I think its ever further for you up there in Westminster. :)

Just Picked Vintage said...

Everytime you get your name out there, that's a success. :-)

CagedBirdSings said...

exactly ;D