Sunday, July 1, 2007

Spread the love! More new members...

Welcome to Little Bitsys and Nosie Rosie! Check out their stores and welcome them to the group.

And, Crafty Chicks opened a sister store, at, full of her coffee bras and beer bras.

We just keep on growin'!


Little Bitsys said...

Hi, thank you for the welcome! I have had my little bitsys business since 1995 and I go in and out of it as I have time. I also work full time as a business analyst and consultant and sometimes that gets in the way.

Looking forward to getting to know the Mile High Etsians.


Rosie said...

Hello all! It took me awhile to realize the greatness of this group. I am so glad I joined.
I haven't figured out how to post as a blogger on this, so I will just write it in the comments.
My name is Rose, and I LOVE knitting. I also LOVE etsy. There are so many great artists.
I live in colorado springs at the moment, but I am in school. I won't be living here much longer. I am a senior this year! I come from Walsenburg, CO originally, but love every direction in our lovely state of CO.
I am so excited to be a part of this group!