Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello From Colorado Springs!

I love to make jewelry, but I think I love buying supplies and other items even more. I think I am just a shopper at heart with BIG ideas. I have so many ideas swimming in my head that half of them drown before I can get to them. I also love to write poetry and read. I am an unpracticing accountant right now, but that may change as my student loans are now due. Blah! I found out at the end of my schooling that I hate numbers and that I LOVE the arts. Actually, I kind of always knew this just never understood it until I took Art and Literature. I love to make friends and I love to talk to and watch people. I learn more about myself when I listen to others and I love to watch how other people react to the elements around them.

I live in Colorado Springs with my patient Husband, two girls, and three cats. I look forward to being a member of a team with those who are in the same state as well as having as much fun with this group as I do with the other groups that I am a member of.


Colorado Knitter said...

What is the name of your store?

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