Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Handbook to Handmade, Volume 5

The Handbook to Handmade, Volume 5 is coming out soon. Thank you TimothyAdamsDesigns. It is a great opportunity for all the wonderful artists here at Etsy to show their great works. A nice blend of people and a great marketing tool. Here's the link to check out additional information on the Handbook to Handmade, it's worth the look. ♥ http://etsypromobook.blogspot.com/
Beadkeepers has made a fabulous video regarding the Handbook to Handmade, Volume 5...check it out-it's great! www.beadkeepers.com/press.html

Have a great day everyone! What a beautiful day in Colorful Colorado!

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Apria said...

Good for people to know.