Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The journey has begun. Join us!

It's an exciting time here at EtsyDenver. The street team is getting off the ground, the daffodils are in bloom on the Front Range, and craft fair/show season is just around the corner.

Several things are now in the works. Etsy is revamping its street team resource pages, and Kismet Designs is busy working on getting our very first mission statement together. I have been working the forums and blogspot to get some more visibility, and I've emailed Matt over at Etsy to see how we can get "official" recognition. Cindy is busily working away on our first set of promotional postcards - our compromise to stuffing 80 gazillion business cards into an unsuspecting buyer's packaging. We can use the same cards to post at libraries, coffee shops, and anywhere else that will permit us to tack our goods on their board. Nicole is accepting promos for her slot at this year's Ballpark Market. And we're all looking into different neighborhood farmer's markets, craft fairs, local events, etc. that we can share a booth at.

If you're a Colorado-based Etsian, we'd love for you to join our team. Contact myself through my Etsy store, or just post a comment here for more information.

Happy Spring Day in Colorado!


Carla Sonheim said...

Thank you, Angelina, for all of your efforts!!!

BLuRr said...

Hi hi! I'm here via Cynthia from Colorado Art Studio. :)

This all sounds so exciting and it's really motivating for me. Perhaps I will try to do something similar in my neck of the woods.

Good luck!

cindy leibman said...

This is wonderful! I live in Denver and just recently discovered Etsy and opened my own etsy shop at

I don't have much there yet, but I love making things and am very surprised that there are not more people from Colorado on Etsy!

Denise Faddis said...

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Thanks and have a great day!